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tipi myrtle beach retreat
tipi myrtle beach retreat
- Welcome Friends -
tipi breathing bright myrtle beach retreat

By signing up to you have achieved what the other 99% of interested people had too many excuses for. SO congratulations, you’re well on your way to to allow yourself an opportunity for a deep meaningful/ powerful catalyzing growth experience. I will be your guide, but it’s up to you to put in the work and surrender to get the most out of this opportunity. just like life, it ain’t gonna be easy.

yan tipi breathing 2 myrtle beach retreat
yan sauna myrtle beach retreat 2

First, you will enter the space, meet the group, open your mind and heart and set your intention with a cacao ceremony. then, a tutorial and explanation of the difference facets of your journey. We start with Wim Hof breathing, then squeeze into a 200 degree sweat lodge with a chakra cleansing kundalini gong meditation. We’ll crawl out and overcome massive resistance and surrender in a 32 degree freezing water pool for 4 minutes. We’ll go back into the sweat lodge for 15 minutes with a Venik massage, and go through the last 2 chakras. At this point, the suffering will be complete and we will soak in the hot tub, share our journey, and eventually drink herbal tea, smoke hookah and take a short walk to the beach.  

sauna breathing myrtle beach retreat
Cold pool myrtle beach retreat

Our time will end with a hug, a deep sense of connection and euphoria. Come and have this journey, it will be your most profound experience here and now, in Myrtle Beach of all places. Transform, expand and change your life. Don’t deny yourself this journey. this experience is intimidating for most people, be brave, be vulnerable and be ready for something profound to enter your life. So surrender to the call follow up on your initial excitement and show up! you won’t regret it!

above cold pool myrtle beach retreat
hot tub myrtle beach retreat

I have completed the Wim Hof Method course and possess a formal meditation teaching certificate. Cold water immersion along with breath work, meditation, yoga and sauna have been a part of my life for 5 years. I am also a pharmacist, but i believe that the healing that comes from this practice could not be compared to the enabling, placebo, and side effects of medications that most of us take these days. this method increases the ability of your body to receive oxygen thereby influencing every system in your body, changing the chemistry, and decreasing acidification. We have to get back to the core of our health, and oxygen is the spark of every cell in our body. This is the most powerful and primary thing you can do for your health. at the  end of this experience, you will feel rejuvenated and joyful. 

recovery myrtle beach retreat

Join me Friends on my daily practice for FREE donations / gifts are welcomed Contact me 508-333-0771