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mixing it up
My Observations and impressions

Kundalini Yoga, Chakra cleansing gong meditation, cold plunge, sweat lodge, Wim Hof breath work, Russian , Middle Eastern and native American cultures all mixed into a mind blowing soup.

When we go to a teacher, they sell us on this one practice, the one that will change your life if you continue practicing and improving and are able to form a consistency with it. However, there are so many to choose from, why is this one better than that one, and if you can even make the case for it, then are you sure that it is the one for you. Aren’t we all as individuals have each a different mold that we fit in? My Idea was different, create a practice piecing together (like a puzzle) from the different parts that affected me throughout my life. The result is my unique experience. There are so many healing modalities that fit into this experience that the result is a mind blowing one of a kind 4 hour journey.  The idea is to create something so impactful, for you to then go home, and start making your own puzzle of practices one puzzle piece at a time. consistency is key, because that is when you are able to observe and then add, change or pivot, just according to your own intuition, no rules just whatever feels right. to tell you the truth, I don’t take myself seriously, my wife still thinks I need to grow up, but I am in Awe of this experiment.  It is beyond me what happens here with people. I believe my role in this is quite small however, and who or whatever is responsible thank you. Thank you for choosing me despite all of my inadequate qualities. my personal daily practice is nowadays 2.5 hours. “wow, well I don’t have this kind of time”. That is a big fat lie that everyone in our society is guilty of. Just go to screen time on your iphone and see how many 2.5 hour practices are replaced with small pathetic dopamine shots throughout one day. Yes we are all drug addicts of one sort or another. But drugs all do the same thing, they avert suffering. suffering is such a negative word in the english language, oh god how we hate to suffer. well do you like to live passionately, oh yes Yan, oh how I want more passion in my life! well, do you know that in Latin those two words are one of the same. how are you going to achieve passion in your life if you avert it? and replace it with a substance called dopamine? Ekhard Tolle said that the most enlightened people on this planet are the Russians and Germans because they went through the most suffering. Isn’t enlightenment a popular word these days? ok so as long as we are on the same page now, you don’t want passion, you don’t want enlightenment you obviously choosing the synthetic way to feel those feelings within yourself- the drug. Well, no judgment here, with my addictive personality, I have spent my fair share indulging in substances and still have a phone addiction, but just as long as you understand that living an indifferent and ignorant life is a choice, and you are the only one responsible for making that choice. life has ways of giving you opportunities to make a change in that prospective, sometimes you get to a point where it feels like – make a change or else. like scrooge looking at his own grave. would you need to be shown your grave to make a change, unfortunately it has to be this way for many, and some don’t even make any changes then. well, I think this journey allows you this opportunity, you will feel passion and change and enlightenment as a byproduct of suffering. Now understand, it will be fleeting, it wont last forever. This is only a taste, of what is possible when you decide to start making choices that do not avert passion no matter the work involved. the drug will then be replaced with something so much greater. there wont be a need for the drug, the drug will not heighten much of anything and in fact you will notice the negative effects much more pronouncedly, which will help you not look back and keeps you moving in a much better direction. The creativity, self worth, courage and energy with each new stride will make your new reality limitless. As I say to anyone that comes through, I am just a guide, its up to you to get the most out of this experiment, if you surrender to the suffering then and work hard beyond your limits, you can get through this difficult journey. Then go home, embrace suffering in your life, develop a daily practice and launch yourself to a life full of passion and enlightenment. Well, if you read all this jumbled up random thoughts, then thank you, and come join me on this journey i created for you.